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Latest Case Reviews

Third Department Issues Another Decision on Extension of Statute of Limitations in Lead Paint Action

By Christopher A. Guetti The statute of limitations for the commencement of a personal injury action, or the amount time after receiving an injury as a result of a negligent act in which you have to file a claim, is generally three years. In the event that you are a minor, that statute does not […]

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Third Department Rules Plaintiff in Matrimonial Proceeding Not Entitled to Unseal Records from Defendant/Husband’s Prior Criminal Proceedings

In an appeal heard by the Third Department and decided on May 10, 2018, the plaintiff/wife in a divorce proceeding filed a motion to unseal criminal records of the defendant/husband. The parties had two minor children when the wife commenced the divorce action and filed a family offense petition. Within that petition, the wife claimed […]

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Third Department Finds Question of Fact . . . Was Spectator at Hockey Rink Struck by Puck Adequately Protected?

In 2014, the plaintiff and his daughter were spectators at the Vernon Rink in Saratoga County. Like most ice rinks at which hockey games and practices take place, the ice surface is surrounded by “dasher” boards and plexiglass panels atop them. In the areas behind each goal, where spectators face the most danger from a […]

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Latest Blog Posts

Why Hire an Attorney for Seemingly Simple Family Court Matters?

As those who have been before the various Family Courts of New York State may already know, seemingly simple issues involving child support are often the opposite. One such scenario involves the determination as to whether a child under the age of twenty-one has become “emancipated” for child support purposes, with such a determination thereby […]

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Millennials Spend Nearly $100,000 on Rent by Age 30

Forty-five percent. That’s the percentage of an average millennial’s income that they’ll spend on rent between the ages of 22 and 30, according to a new study by RENTCafé. That definitely sounds like a lot—as does the $92,600 total amount they spend on rent during that time—but let’s add some context to the raw figure. […]

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Smith, Dominelli & Guetti Celebrated Its One-Year Anniversary

Here at SDG, we took a moment to celebrate our first year in business, and to express our sincere appreciation to our employees for their assistance. Without the dedication and hard work of each member of the team, we could not have come this far. We are just as grateful for our clients, who continued […]

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