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Latest Case Reviews

First Department Denies Manufacturers’ Motion to Amend; Counterclaim Was Apparently Prohibited by the Rule of Intrafamilial Immunity

New York has a long standing statute providing that, in an action brought by an infant to recover damages for personal injury, contributory negligence of the infant’s parent or other custodian shall not be imputed to the infant. General Obligations Law § 3–111. It does not preclude recovery of contribution by the defendant against a […]

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Third Department Says Thickness of Ice Raises Question of Fact as To Constructive Notice in Slip and Fall Case; Summary Judgment Granted to Property Owner as Promise to Purchase Liability Insurance not Same as Promise to Indemnify

By: Christopher Guetti For liability to be imposed in a slip and fall accident the defendant must have created a dangerous condition or had actual or constructive knowledge of it. Constructive notice requires a showing that the condition was visible or apparent and existed for a sufficient period of time prior to the accident to […]

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Court of Appeals Rules Ambiguity in Language of Separation Agreement Resolved Through Language in Subsequent Qualified Domestic Relations Order

By: James Brodie Simply put, the division of retirement assets can be complex. For most individuals, understanding the basics of investment/retirement accounts is a challenge in itself. This difficulty is only magnified when considering vesting rules and the division of balances in the context of a matrimonial action. In a decision dated February 14, 2018 […]

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Latest Blog Posts

10 Cybersecurity Threats and Trends

A massive escalation of cybersecurity risk is on the horizon, warns Christopher Skinner, chief executive officer of technology security firm SpiderOak. The threats will be driven by both state-sponsored groups and individual bad actors. “As organizations and individuals become increasingly reliant on the Internet of Things for critical functions, the risks we are taking are […]

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Lavern’s Law is now the Law in New York

We last discussed Lavern’s Law in January 2018. It is now the law in New York. With an amended Lavern’s law enacted, medical, dental or podiatric malpractice plaintiffs will now have two years and six months from the date of discovery of a missed cancer diagnosis, up to seven years from the last treatment, to […]

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FOR YOUR INFORMATION AND PROTECTION!! IRS Requires Personal Information When Verifying Taxpayer Identity

On Jan. 3, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instituted a new identity verification process requiring third parties calling on behalf of a taxpayer to verify their identity by providing personal information such as their Social Security Number and date of birth. Changes made to the Internal Revenue Manual Section (IRM), titled “Third Party (POA/TIA/F706) […]

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