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Smith Dominelli & Guetti LLC

delivers excellent results with unparalleled service.

We believe the practice of law can be a powerful tool for every aspect of our clients’ lives and businesses.

Our lawyers represent clients throughout New York State. Our firm offers counsel in the following practice areas: matrimonial and family law, real estate transactions, personal injury, criminal defense, insurance matters, business and corporate matters, and more.

Mission statement

Our mission is simple: offer a general practice firm that for simple tasks and transactions, delivers smooth and prompt results. And for more complex situations, we review all possible angles to assure the most effective approach, remaining mindful of the forces of human nature and compassion.


Prior to forming Smith Dominelli & Guetti, or “SDG”, partners Jay, Jennifer & Christopher realized that they shared common values, with the goal of delivering the best possible results to their clients during their many years working together as a team.

Jay’s Story: In the late 1990s, after almost 10 years of practice with an old line Capital District firm and a house counsel operation, Jay decided it was time to open his own firm. Jay was distinguished by an understanding of and contacts in the Insurance Industry and had learned how to litigate from the best. He also knew that the primary goal of all clients is the resolution, not the continuation, of their case. From January 2000 through May 2017, Jay Smith was a founding member and partner at Flink Smith Law, in a practice that focused on insurance defense litigation and transactional real estate, as well as the general practice of law.

Jennifer’s Story: Jennifer brings a solid foundation to the practice, having litigated cases for nearly 20 years, ranging from complex personal injury to contested matrimonial and family law matters. Jennifer has built a matrimonial practice designed to serve the needs of clients with unparalleled expertise in the law and compassionate guidance through difficult situations. Jennifer was a partner in Flink Smith, having joined as the firm’s law clerk in 1996, continuing as an associate in 1998 and being named partner in 2006. Jennifer served as the managing partner of Flink Smith through the time of its dissolution in 2017.

Christopher’s Story: Christopher has also been litigating cases for almost 20 years, having worked for another capital district law firm for several years before joining Jay and Jennifer as an associate in 2005. Having worked in smaller practice, he had litigated successfully in a wide variety of matters at both the trial and appellate levels, and practiced not only in the area of personal injury, but in matrimonial and family law as well. After joining Flink Smith, Chris continued to provide excellent service to the firm’s clients in litigation throughout the State. He also joined with Jennifer in the development and service of the firm’s matrimonial and family law practice. Christopher has been a resolute believer in thinking outside the box in providing his clients options, whether they decide to litigate or resolve their matter.

All three have capitalized on their similar training, high ethical standards and dedication to their clients in building a diverse and successful practice, which serves the needs of many individuals and businesses. In 2017, they decided to partner together to continue the excellence that they had developed over the years and to ensure the delivery of exceptional client service. This philosophy carries through with SDG not only in the litigation and transactional fields, but as Jennifer and Chris guide the matrimonial practice, where they are both certified as mediators and distinguished as collaborative practitioners. In addition to the partners,

Paul Campito practices at SDG on an “of counsel” basis with the firm. SDG’s associate, Elizabeth Murad, adds to a well-rounded team. The varied experience and talents, coupled with the shared values of the partners and attorneys, have solidified a powerful and productive team equipped to serve a variety of diverse needs. The attorneys at SDG have built their practice entirely on referrals from clients, other attorneys, and by word of mouth. By careful selection of client relationships, SDG provides the highest quality of representation to their clients. For more information, please contact us at 518-250-4888.



"Thank you again for your excellent handling of my injury lawsuits! I really appreciate it! The money has been a real blessing as it paid for bills, home improvements and investments for the future. My foot still hurts almost every time I take a step on it, but the money helps soften the blow.”

— jeff k.


"I appreciate all your hard work and effort on the Harvey trial. Even if we had not received a defense verdict, I would have been more than pleased with the effort and professionalism that you provided on this case and I appreciate the excellent interaction with my adjustor, Brian Robischeau. It was an excellent result. We look forward to working with you again, sooner than later.”

— Patrick J. -Liberty Mutual Insurance