Insurance Professionals

Fires and Explosions

Rapid response for immediate answers.

SDG has assembled a Rapid Response Team to report immediately to sites of fire losses and explosions. Whether we are called upon by our insurance company clients or called on behalf of the owner or tenant of the property, we are able to respond quickly to secure the scene with cause and origin experts and engineers.

Once the scene is secure, we can then report availability of the property to all parties for inspection so interested parties can gain access to an uncorrupted site, thereby preserving the rights of the insured and the insurance company.

SDG’s Rapid Response approach enhances the likelihood of assembling critical evidence as soon as possible, in pristine condition, helping our clients assemble a strong case.


Insurance Coverage

Decades of experience at work for you.

Every day Smith Dominelli & Guetti’s insurance coverage practice group is called upon to provide coverage opinions to insurance carriers and litigate first and third-party matters.

Whether rendering a formal or informal opinion or litigating the matter, our attorneys have handled thousands of such cases. We have been privileged to review dozens of matters of first impression, and have “made law” on numerous occasions, in the Appellate Divisions of the New York State Supreme Court and the New York Court of Appeals. SDG also assists special investigation units (SIUs) with the handling of fraudulent or suspect claims.


Labor Law and Work Site Claims

Protecting your interests.

With comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of NYS Labor Law, Smith Dominelli & Guetti successfully handles depositions, trials and appeals pertaining to NYS Labor Law and Work Site claims. We represent a variety of clients, including Contractors, Homeowners, Commercial Developers, Subcontractors and Employers.

We have experience in Labor Law Section 200; 240(1); 241, Work Site Negligence, Contractual Indemnification, Common Law Indemnification, Insurance Coverage.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Defending insureds and mitigating your risk.

From low impact litigation to wrongful death, our attorneys defend claims related to motor vehicle no-fault and SUM claims with the skill and attentiveness necessary to achieve the most favorable outcome. SDG’s attorneys have extensive experience in the defense and litigation of motor vehicle accidents, having collectively handled thousands of these cases.

Whether the case is to be tried or resolved in some alternate dispute forum, the attorneys in this practice group have the wherewithal to counsel you from pre-suit analysis through appeal.


Other Covered Claims

Defending covered claims.

Smith Dominelli & Guetti advises and defends clients in other tort claims to negotiate a workable solution with the least amount of emotional and financial strain possible. Unlike a motor vehicle accident where the chances of the parties having any relationship are usually coincidental, oftentimes these cases involve people who know each other. We are sensitive to the heightened emotional impact such relationships bring and find that the early investigation of that prior personal history or relationship is very often critical to a favorable resolution.

As always, our experience and preparedness allows us to pursue a non-adversarial solution or turn to litigation immediately should it be required. We at SDG are prepared to handle the defense of all manner of covered claims, including Malicious Prosecution, Defamation, Libel, Slander, False Imprisonment and Assault.





Premises Liability

Mitigating exposure.

With decades of experience in Premises Liability, Smith Dominelli & Guetti successfully defends homeowners, landlords, tenants, municipalities and contractors from lawsuits pertaining to defective property conditions. These types of cases can include such things as slips, trips, fall downs and falling objects.

When the case warrants, our attorneys call upon a variety of experts to assist in the preparation of the case, including engineers, architects, contractors, meteorologists and others to review, evaluate, advise and, if need be, testify.

We have the knowledge and skill to effectively handle these cases swiftly and at a reasonable cost.


Products Liability

Putting all of our resources to work for you.

Product Liability cases can be complicated and time consuming. SDG’s approach combines working hand-in-hand with clients, experts and insurers to fully prepare clients for a successful product defense. We have been involved in cases involving a wide variety of products, including Asbestos, ATV, Drill presses, Folder-cutter machines, Food products such as candy, soup, Chinese food, Bicycles, Electronic sliding doors, Helmets, Transformers, Propane water heaters and Ladders.

From the initial investigation to preparing the clients for depositions through trial, we are there to assist, guide and lead in the development and execution of defense strategy to obtain favorable results.


Toxic Torts

Prepared and ready from a position of strength.

Smith Dominelli & Guetti has considerable experience in the defense of Toxic Tort cases, having handled cases throughout New York State – including lead paint and mold exposure cases. We handle cases from the New York metropolitan area to Rochester and Buffalo.

We know the experts in this field and call upon top-notch industrial hygienists, neuropsychologists, neurologists and other relevant experts to help defend your case.

Whether the case is to be tried, resolved in some alternate dispute forum or negotiated to a settlement, the attorneys in this practice group have the wherewithal to take your case from pre-suit analysis and investigation, through trial and appeal.